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Committees & issues

Peace and Justice: Forming Equitable Solutions 
Research Reports

Security council (sc)

Cameroonian civil war

Historical Security Council (HSC)

Suez Crisis - November 6, 1956

Human rights council (hrc)

Tackling unlawful detention and assault of journalists
Tackling discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender

Group of 20 (G20)

Addressing the global volatility in energy prices
Discussing disputed exclusive economic zones in the south china sea 

general Assembly 1 - International security and disarmement (GA1)

Tackling the issue of maritime piracy in the gulf of aden
combating the rise of terrorism in the sahel region

General assembly 4 - Special Political and Decolonisation (GA4)

combating the global rise of religious discrimination
Addressing the resurgence of extreme nationalism

North Atlantic treaty organization (nato)

Discussing the issue of application and admission of new member states 
Establishing effective measures in order to tackle military cyberattacks 

Commission on the status of women

Addressing the issue of restrictive religious legislation
Discussing women's reproductive rights 

economic and social council (ecosoc) - Middle school 

addressing the issue of social inequality in lEss Economically Developed Countries (Ledcs)
tackling corruption in international sports organizations

International court justice (icj)

The right to diplomatic immunity and criminal proceedings (Equatorial Guinea v. france)
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