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The MUNISA Press Team will spent the conference shooting pictures and creating videos to be shared with the community. All the content that we create over the conference can be found here.

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Who Are We
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Who We Are

As the Head of Press I am thrilled to announce that our dedicated press team will be back for MUNISA 2024. The MUNISA press team will be following the 2 day conference to create videos and photos to reflect the experiences of delegates. Our objective is to document everything that unfolds and capture media of everyone. If you do not feel comfortable to be in photos and videos, please let one of the photographers or the Head of Press know. 

To support us in this, please follow us on social media to stay updated. We will be posting content as frequently as possible, and hope to contribute to making this event unforgettable. 

Lilly Tanz

Head of Press | MUNISA 2024


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