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Student officers 

Peace and Stability: Building sustainable solutions
Student Officers

Security council (sc)

Historical Security
Council (HSC)

Human rights
committee (hrc)

Group of 20 (G20)

general Assembly 1 International security and disarmement (GA1)

General assembly 4 Special Political and Decolonisation

World health organization (who) Middle school

International court justice (icj)

President: Charlotte Burke

Deputy: Erika Oltmann

President: Alexandre Boudier

Deputy: Sienna Ural

President: Tarana Saha

Deputy: Hyunmin Koo

President: Jeel Chandan

Deputy: Jessica Yu

President: Ayeesha Worgan

Deputy: Geert Battjes

President: Aditi Chitale

Deputy: Adiv Enjeti

President: Johan Haeusler

Deputy: Ark Avva

President: Miren Bergareche Siderius

Deputy: Sean Burke

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